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STARific Review: Jimmy Wayne - Jimmy Wayne

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Five years ago, Jimmy Wayne moved to Nashville with his mind set on getting a record deal and a chance to share his stories with other people. With the release of his debut album, hes achieved both goals; Jimmy hands over a collection of 12 tracks, 8 of which he co-wrote.

AFTER YOU, a midtempo track, serves as a constant reminder of a love that used to be. The inquisitive and emotion-filled ballad, ARE YOU EVER GONNA LOVE ME?, written by Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, and Marv Green (the same threesome who penned Lonestar's career smash hit "Amazed") ponders whether love is a two-way street. Want proof that country songs about real-life events are what fans want to hear? Check out STAY GONE, which was inspired by a telephone conversation Jimmy had with his sister about her now-ex-husband. The song is about finding peace within one's self and moving on after a particularly difficult situation. The hit debut single, written with Billy Kirsch, recently reached #3 on Billboard and shows no signs of slowing down. If there were an award for "Most Original Song Intro," TRESPASSIN' would win! It consists of sounds of a car pulling in with a person getting out, walking a short distance, and then jumping into a swimming pool, along with some laughing in the background. This rockin' track fused with some blues is about taking risks on love; a welcomed change from some of the other deeply emotional tracks. The beautifully written PAPER ANGELS brings awareness to less fortunate people around the world. The jarring images of paper angel trees and "Have you seen me?" ads will make you think twice about how good some people have it made. A definite favorite! Jimmy follows with another soulful ballad in YOU ARE; this is a perfect tribute for that one special someone who holds your heart. Next comes SHE RUNS, a moving song about letting a loved one travel the distance but staying close enough behind them to catch them should they fall: "She needs to run free/but when she needs someone, she runs to me." What would you do and how would you handle the loss of a loved one? Even though it could only be JUST A DREAM, this song vows undying devotion in the face of desperation. Don't let the laid-back feel of BLUE AND BROWN fool you into thinking its a light-hearted track. The tune, co-penned by Jimmy, actually discusses the weighty issue of segregation; it bridges the gap between two boys who meet and remain friends as each grows into adulthood, despite wearing different colors. I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH is a touching song about hanging on to hope and finding forgiveness. The extravagant string accompaniment only adds to the overall grandeur of the track. This one's bound to inspire anyone, but make sure you get the tissues ready; it's a major tearjerker! It is also my personal favorite. YOU'RE THE ONE I'M TALKING TO is a polite shut up to pessimists who have nothing better to do than complain about all the negative aspects of this world. Finally, everyone has to answer for every wayward decision made; that's what THE RABBIT emphasizes. Moral of the song: What goes around will find its way back around, so choose your words and actions carefully or pay the price for it later.

This album could have very well been 12 separate journal entries in Jimmy's life. If you are looking for heart and soul, search no further than this very album, which comes from a guy who has experienced things most of us only read or hear about. Can't get much more real than what Jimmy has to offer! If you want to learn more about who this singer-songwriter is, just pop this CD into your computer and check out the enhanced portion. Listen as he personally tells the stories behind the writing of each song, as well as more through exclusive interview footage, shot at his Nashville residence. Jimmy's definitely got a few things to say; it's about time we listened.


Jimmy Wayne
Jimmy Wayne
Released June 24, 2003
DreamWorks Nashville

Jimmy Wayne


1. After You
2. Are You Ever Gonna Love Me?
3. Stay Gone
4. Trespassin'
5. Paper Angels
6. You Are
7. She Runs
8. Just a Dream
9. Blue and Brown
10. I Love You This Much
11. You're the One I'm Talking To
12. The Rabbit

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