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STARific Review: Marcel - You, Me, and the Windshield

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It isn't very often that a new artist will put out a debut album on which he or she wrote or co-wrote every track. Even rarer is also sharing producing credits on the same project. But, such is the case with Michigan native and former professional hockey player, Marcel (who has chosen to drop his hard-to-pronounce last name). After getting his big break singing at the prestigious Blue Bird Café in Nashville, he burst onto the country music scene last year with his debut single, "Country Rock Star." The video for "Tennessee" was also well received on GAC, CMT, and VH-1 Country. On his debut project, Marcel offers 13 tracks - some of which will tug heartstrings and others that are downright fun! So, get in the car, pop this into your CD player, enjoy, and sing along!

In the album opener, Marcel shares his ambitious dreams of someday becoming a COUNTRY ROCK STAR. With fame comes a certain price; in TENNESSEE, it requires being a slave to the road, away from loved ones for long periods of time. Listen as Marcel sings about the rigors of touring. ANNIE DEVINE continues the theme, as he starts to get optimistic about coming home to spend time with the people he loves most. MISSING YOU finds Marcel traveling the map again. This strikingly biographical ballad, co-written with Craig Wiseman, reads like a letter to his girlfriend; he vents frustrations and the emotional toll it has taken on him as he continues to chase his dreams of being a country singer. This is one of my favorites! Then, Marcel salutes 9-to-5er's all over who know all too well about THE WORKING DAY. Fellow country artist Jessica Andrews lends her voice to I WON'T HOLD YOU DOWN. The two voices blend perfectly as they bid adieu, but wish each other hope and courage to explore new but separate paths. The mid-tempo TAKE IT is a cleverly written love song that takes us into the lives of a couple from children to young adults. Watch out, because love's coming around the corner! Then again, you've probably got NOTHIN' TO LOSE! Tell me one thing, though - is all that no-time-to-sneak-in-a-breath, fast talk due to nervousness or giddiness?! Whew! Marcel throws it fast on this one, so pay attention! It's back into the car with the title track, YOU, ME, AND THE WINDSHIELD, throwing every single care to the wind. SHADOW is a song declaring utmost love and devotion for a significant other. The best of the bunch comes in the last three tracks. There's a certain songwriting chemistry between Marcel and James T. Slater that is just magical! Successful marriages between great melodies and lyrics make for the best songs! (Note: Listen to Jessica Andrews' latest album for "There's More to Me Than You" - the two-some co-wrote both the upbeat and ballad versions with Jessica.) HOLDING ON TO LETTING GO is one such song when the time to say goodbye comes between two people, and they ponder the next step to take. This track is my personal favorite! PERFECT SITUATION is another one of those tongue-twisting tunes! Keep up or you'll miss out on the little anecdotes about his girlfriend, Shania Twain, and magic carpets! An extremely contagious track and a definite favorite! Marcel goes for one last ride in THIS OLD DIESEL. Like the previous "Missing You," in this gorgeous ballad, thoughts of being back home fill the mind.

After listening to the music, don't forget to check out the enhanced portions on this CD. You can watch Marcel's video for "Tennessee" in full. Then, watch an alternate version of the video - one that was recorded, edited, and produced by Marcel - and the version that I personally prefer.

Marcel may not be a household name just yet, but don't underestimate what he can do. In fact, I'm telling you NOT to overlook this album! Marcel can take listeners right into the heart of emotional, earnest ballads, and then lighten the mood with fun, fast-talking tunes. Not to mention the fact that he's already an established songwriter. Fans looking for an artist who sings country music with the slightest rock edge will find this album more than enjoyable. This is a superb debut effort; the next time you hit the music store, make sure you pick this one up!


You, Me, and the Windshield
Released May 13, 2003
Mercury Nashville



1. Country Rock Star
2. Tennessee
3. Sweet Annie Devine
4. Missing You5. The Working Day
6. I Won't Hold You Down
7. Take It
8. Nothin' to Lose
9.You, Me and the Windshield
10. Shadow
11. Holding on to Letting Go
12. Perfect Situation
13. This Old Diesel

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