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STARific Review: Tresa Street - Ain't Nothin' Changed

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Ask me to describe Tresa Street's sound, and I'll tell you to think of a modern-day Tammy Wynette - with a bluesy twist to it. Make no mistake! Tresa is definitely her own person making music her own way. However, she has a voice just as convincing, as well as a sincerity that shines through every song on this album.

From the first note, Tresa's rich alto voice commands attention, and she holds her listeners all the way through the last song. Suffering from a broken heart and severed romantic relationship, LIE TO ME is a "let's pretend this is like old times" kind of song. Somehow, women just know when something feels right! NATURALLY is an ode to finding true love. WILD ABOUT YOU is an energetic number that'll have you up and dancing! In NOBODY'S AN ANGEL, the woman in the song, through past mistakes and precocious rumors, discovers who she truly is and what shes made of. If I had to pick just one, this would be my favorite track. In ROCKIN' A BABY, the woman tells her man, "I won't take none of your crap anymore!" I BELIEVE I CAN FLY, though a remake of R&B singer, R. Kelly's signature song, Tresa takes it under her wing and makes the song completely her own. Everyone needs a breather at one time or another a break from the insanely busy lives we lead, where we say, "LET'S GO DANCING!" Another one of my favorites is the inspirational ballad, I CAN COUNT ON YOU (a tune Tresa co-wrote with Mike McDaniel), a song that pays tribute those friends who are always there to lend a little encouragement when its needed the most. When you spend many years with someone and, years later, you still feel the same way you did when you first met him/her, then that loves got to be true! The title track, AIN'T NOTHIN' CHANGED, reflects just that. Nothing like a friend who attempts to advise us about the sometimes hurtful reality of certain situations. Of course, most of us automatically block that out; despite the best intentions, we just need to see it for ourselves to believe! That's what WHEN HE LEAVES YOU is about. Then, THAT'S MY FINAL ANSWER is a downright sassy! The woman in the song has a premonition that the person she's dealing with is not the right man for her and she doesn't hesitate to give him a piece of her mind! It's those sweet LOVE LETTERS that makes all the difference in the world, giving us the will to keep on living even though we may be apart from the ones we love. We all want to feel appreciated, right? Well, the toe-tapping SOMEBODY WILL warns: "Somebody will want what I have to give/They're gonna take it if you don't." Finally, I WISH longs for everyday to be a good day - for all the bad things to just disappear. Hey, they say dreams do come true!

In an age where many artists albums are creations of their respective record labels, its refreshing to see someone who is willing to take risks and stray from mainstream. Tresa is one gal who beats to the rhythm of her own drum - one who is very good at it! She knows what she's doing. If you're unfamiliar with Tresa's music, check out her new album. I promise - it won't take long for YOU become a Tresa Street fan!


Tresa Street
Ain't Nothin' Changed
A.M.I. Records
Released on November 15, 2001

Tresa Street


1. Lie to Me
2. Naturally
3. Wild About You
4. Nobody's an Angel
5. Rockin' a Baby
6. I Believe I Can Fly
7. Let's Go Dancing
8. I Can Count on You
9. Ain't Nothin' Changed
10. When He Leaves You
11. That's My Final Answer
12. Love Letters
13. Somebody Will
14. I Wish

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