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Tresa Street

Singer/songwriter Tresa Street has one of the most distinct and undeniable voices in country music. Her blend of country and blues makes for a very unique sound. (Tresa herself describes it as: 65% country, 35% pop with a blues edge.) Once you hear her, I guarantee you'll be hooked!

Tresa Street

Talkin' 'Bout Tresa:
One of our main goals in 2007 is to grow Tresa's Free Song Of The Month Download Club!! If you enjoy Tresa and her music, please encourage five (5) of your friends to join today!! It only takes a minute to pass on the word and let them know about the club. Remember we will post a new song every month. February's Song Download is "I Fly," a fun and upbeat tune that will be included on Tresa's upcoming bluegrass album!! CLICK HERE FOR THE DOWNLOAD PAGE!!!! Thanks for being such an important part of Tresa’s career!!

Fans looking to find copies of Tresa's debut album Baby It's You will be happy to know that it has been re-released, this time in CD form. (Previously, it was available only in vinyl records.) Make sure y'all visit Tresa's official site to purchase YOUR copy!!

Tresa Street

Street Songs:
Y'all can purchase Tresa's Ain't Nothin' Changed by clicking on the CD cover!!

Make sure to pay Tresa a visit at her official site:

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