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Angels in Waiting

Tammy Cochran talks about her Top 10 single, "Angels in Waiting"

I don't know how many people believe in angels, but I do. I consider myself lucky to have two very special angels who watch over me everyday. They are my brothers, Alan and Shawn, who passed away with cystic fibrosis. They were my biggest fans, and my greatest heroes. That's why this song is so close to my heart..

I tried for a year and a half to write this song, but it was so emotional, I just couldn't seem to make it through. Till one day I sat down with two very talented and very kind men, Jim McBride and Stewart Harris, and we wrote "Angels in Waiting."

My brother Alan told me once, he said, I'm not going to be here very long, so if you could just live enough for both of us, that would make it okay. That is something I carry with me everyday. That's why this song is the last one on the album, which is dedicated to my brothers, Alan and Shawn.

They are my Angels in Waiting."

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