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STARific Review: Wynonna - What the World Needs Now is Love

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In her first studio release in four years, Wynonna is back with a bang! Three years in the preparation and making (she started this project in 2000), this VERY much-anticipated album wont disappoint! With tracks co-produced by Wynonna, songwriter/musician Dann Huff, songwriters Wayne Kirkpatrick and Gordon Kennedy, this album is literally a work of inspiration and love for all involved, and quite frankly, it shows!

The album kicks off with the title track WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS (a Holly Lamar/James Brett collaboration); in a world of imperfections, the encouraging lyrics remind us that there is still enough beauty to be appreciated. HEAVEN HELP ME is a gorgeous ballad and one of my favorites from this collection! It's off to a religious revival in IT ALL COMES DOWN TO LOVE. Though it touches on strong views, the song never comes across sounding "preachy." FLIES ON THE BUTTER (YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN) is destined to be a favorite! On this track, Wynonna invites her mother and duet partner, Naomi Judd, to rekindle the magical spirit of The Judds. Though the song says, "it can't take you back in time," I can almost guarantee this track WILL bring back memories (and the sounds!) of this duo's special and undying musical beauty. The uplifting I WILL BE meets challenges straight in the face and dares to plow forward at all costs. While the soulful ballad I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS comes accompanied with an elaborate string orchestra arrange, the mid-tempo IT'S ONLY LOVE explores more contemporary sounds, mixing electric guitar with gospel choir harmonies. The pensive SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE ELVIS sorts out feelings brought on by the at-times-demanding music business; the song expresses emotional downsides to being "famous." Is it just me or does she sound like The King's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, on this one? Speaking of Elvis, Wynonna does a heck of a job covering BURNIN' LOVE!! Rockin' is the only way to describe this track - if it doesn't get you on your feet and dancing, not too much else will! This song also appears on the Lilo and Stitch motion picture soundtrack. Another one of my favorites is the R&B number, WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO LOVE? Don't we all want to know why a certain special friend doesn't turn out to be our "meant to be"? That's what the song is about. Like the previous "I Will," YOUR DAY WILL COME is a message of hope to those who come face-to-face with adversity (in this case, a romantic relationship torn apart) this one is written in the perspective of the one lending a needed hand. Then, re-energized with a new vision of life, she picks her courage up and leaves her woes behind, letting it rip on (NO ONE'S GONNA) BREAK ME DOWN. This track truly brings out the best in Wynonna. It seems as if this and the previous track were written especially for her to record; and yes, both are among my favorites! Wynonna dedicates YOU ARE to her sister Ashley. The tune makes an appearance on the soundtrack for 2000's Someone Like You movie, in which Ashley starred. RESCUE ME is written by Katherine Darnell; unfortunately, the 20-year-old lost her battle with cancer earlier this year. But, shortly before her passing, Wynonna made Katherine's acquaintance; during one of their meetings, Katherine shared this song. Wynonna honors her friend's memory by closing out a beautiful project with this ballad.

For Wynonna, this project is a true labor of love and it will be a very welcome gift to all music fans. Through music, she candidly shares her search for a balance between her professional and personal life as well as keeping the peace within herself and exuding the essence of love to everyone around her. The result? This is one of the best releases I've heard this year - thank you, Wynonna, for taking us along for the ride!


What the World Needs Now is Love
Released August 5, 2003
Curb Records



1. What the World Needs
2. Heaven Help Me
3. It All Comes Down to Love
4. Flies on the Butter (You Can't Go Home Again)
5. I Will Be
6.I Want to Know What Love Is
7. It's Only Love
8. Sometimes I Feel Like Elvis
9. Burnin' Love
10. Who Am I Supposed to Love?
11. Your Day Will Come
12. (No One's Gonna) Break Me Down
13. You Are
14. Rescue Me

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