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Glenn Cummings

You'd be hard-pressed to overlook Glenn Cummings. But, just in case you did, here's more about country music's newest - and BIGgest (literally - he stands six-foot-five!!) - singer/songwriters!

Glenn Cummings

Growing Up Glenn:
Glenn Cummings knew it was his calling to entertain audiences! By the time he was seven, he was performing professionally with his mother Yvonne and brother David. The trio performed all over his home state of Florida and from there, Glenn appeared on various televisions shows through the years.
Having been influenced with the likes of such heavyweights as Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, and Montgomery Gentry, Glenn set out to pursue his own dream of making it in the country music industry.
After a few years, things started to get real BIG for Glenn - even before his debut single hit radio, he'd already made an impressive entrance when he attended two events in 2004: Country Radio Seminar-35 and the CMA Music Festival (at the latter event, he signed OVER 1,000 photos for fans!!). Soon after "Big" hit radio, Glenn released his debut album of the same name. The music will speak for itself, but it's his genuine respect and appreciation for his fans that will keep them coming back! In fact, fans packed by the droves to see him during the 2005 CMA Music Festival! Having released his singles "Big" and "Good Old Days," Glenn's booth was on fire! The same week, he also smoked up the Riverfront Stages AND world renowned Tootsie's Orchid Lounge!! Looks like Glenn is going to find more BIG things around the corner!!

Glenn Cummings

BIG Days (Latest News):
Glenn's latest single "Good Old Days" is now at radio - so REQUEST away!!!! Also, please continue to REQUEST "Big" at radios!! And, the video has been released to GAC!

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Please visit Glenn's official site to see when Glenn will be in YOUR town (link is below)!!

"Good Old Days," the follow-up single to "Big," shot out of the starting gates in the first week that it went for adds. The single delivered 29 radio station adds in just a week. Of those 29 adds, 16 were for Music Row reporters, 2 were Billboard Monitored and 11 were R&R Indicator stations, which puts "Good Old Days" in the R&R Indicator New and Active position as well as being one of the most added on the R&R Indicator. "Good Old Days" has far surpassed the initial radio adds experienced by "Big."

Glenn is assisting UNICEF with the relief effort for the tsunami victims and survivors. He is donating half of the proceeds from all his online merchandise sales to UNICEF.

Glenn Cummings
Check out Glenn in action!!

Did y'all know?!
** Most artists listen to songs pitched to them at home, in a manager's office or a car, but not Glenn. He likes to put on his headphones, climb on his 4-wheeler and ride. This is exactly how he found his debut single, "Big." Glenn explains: "I was out riding my ATV with my headset on. When 'Big' came on, I stopped my bike and rewound the song and continued to play it over and over again. I fell in love with the song, drove home and pulled my wife out of the shower and made her listen to it. I knew I had to have 'Big' as my first single."

At the 2004 CMA Music Fest, standing under
Glenn Cummings
a jumbotron advertising his new single/CD!!

** Glenn has been riding ATV's for about 10 years. It's his stress reliever and a means for him to wind down after being on the road promoting his album, Big. He currently owns a Bombardier DS 650, a 1998 souped-up Yamaha Banshee with a 550 motor kit and a Honda 300ex that his wife, Paula, rides. Although he has been involved in several accidents, none were serious enough to make him want to stop!

** Besides performing for audiences all over the country, one of Glenn's favorite parts about being in the music business is meeting those people who attend his shows - his fans!! Proof: during this summer's CMA Music Fest, Glenn signed autographs until every single one of his 1,000 pictures ran out!!

** Glenn and Paula own a mortgage company in their home state of Florida!

Glenn Cummings

Get Glenn-ed Up:
Pick up YOUR copy of Glenn's debut album Big - available at his website NOW!! Glenn is donating 1/2 of the proceeds from his CD sales to UNICEF - so make sure y'all pick up a copy which will help out a great cause!!

Visit GC Country:
Make sure you check out Glenn's official site at: - not only will you find a great, innovative site, but Glenn posts backstage notes and tidbits, too!!

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