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Get to Know The Forbes Brothers

The Forbes Brothers consists of seven members:
Scott Forbes
Dennis (Denny) Forbes
Ronnie Jacobs
Jon Ross
Tom Hollyer
George Canterbury
Dave Jack

Wanna get to know The Forbes Brothers a lil better? I talked w/ the guys, and here's what they told me!

Ms. E: When did you all meet and form the group?

TFB: Weve had a few member changes through the years, but we've been a band for 11 years.

Ms. E: How did you come up with your group name?

Denny: I think our parents did! No, actually, Scott and I, our last name is Forbes. So, when it came time to pick a name, we used that. But, our band IS The Forbes Brothers, even though the other members' last names aren't Forbes.

Ms. E: What musical role do each of you play in the band?

Scott: Guitar and vocals.

Denny: Vocals.

Dave: Drums.

Tom: Guitar, banjo, mandolin, and dobro.

Jon: Vocals and bass.

George: Keyboards.

Ronnie: Lead vocals and harmonica.

Ms. E: Why did you choose the country music format?

TFB: The songs focus on real stories and real life.

Ms. E: For people who aren't familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

TFB: "There's hip hop, country rock, blue-eyed soul and rock 'n' roll" mixed with a little blues. Being from Detroit, we're influenced by everything from country, to blues, rock, and Motown.

Ms. E: You're getting ready to release a new album. When will it be out?

TFB: That is still being determined at this point, but Wrong End of the Bar is the title.

Ms. E: What's your favorite part about what you do?

TFB: Performing for the fans; looking out into the audience and seeing them so into our music.

Ms. E: Where is the one place you would like to perform?

TFB: Madison Square Gardens [in New York]!

Ms. E: Have you had any funny or strange fan requests?

TFB: We've had to sign different body parts for fans; that's always interesting!

Ms. E: What is something interesting about you that your fans may not know?

Denny: How about we say something interesting about each other?

Ms. E: That works!

Ronnie: Denny enjoys sailing.

Denny: John collects GI-Joe's.

Jon: Dave's into muscle cars.

Dave: Tom likes woodworking.

George: Couch potato for me!

Scott: Ronnie likes anything Godfather [the popular movie trilogy].

Ronnie: I also like [going to] movies, backpacking, hiking, and camping.

Ms. E: Knowing what you know about the country music industry, what is one thing you would tell aspiring artists?

TFB: Don't do it! If you feel that you're spiritually driven to do it - get with it and stick with it. Persistence will pay off!


For more information about The Forbes Brothers, check out their official website:

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