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STARific Review: Josh Turner - Your Man

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After the runaway success of Long Black Train, Josh Turner's debut single and subsequent album of the same name (one that also included the single "What It Ain't"), many fans have long been awaiting the follow-up release. Driven by the very seductive leadoff single/title cut, the man with the irresistible bass voice delivers once again with the just-released Your Man, which includes five of his own tunes.

The album opens with the highly energetic bluegrass WOULD YOU GO WITH ME. Highlights on the track include Josh's incredible vocal workout (could his voice go any lower?!) backed by intricate banjo, dobro, and mandolin solos! While the song plays in running speed, the man in the next song comes to terms with his newfound lonesome state of being after his BABY'S GONE HOME TO MAMA. Things slow way down to what Josh calls the "speed of love" – that of which involves NO RUSH. In a Conway Twitty-esque voice, he delivers the spoken first verse that will melt your heart! The rest of the song follows in the same sensual sentiment with its laid back piano and deliberately unhurried yet heart-rendering steel pedal interludes. I'm betting this will become a quick favorite! Keeping with the theme of love, YOUR MAN gets down to business with a very exhilaratingly intimate plan of action. Next, a "would-be singing sensation" has musical talent and ambitions bigger than life. There's only one problem: he's limited in his means for cruising around town. No worries, because LORETTA LYNN'S LINCOLN saves the day (though you'll have to buy the album to hear the rest of the vivid details, which prove to be an absolute cause for reminiscing)! Next, John Anderson joins in setting the scene for the best place to hear what he and Josh have dubbed WHITE NOISE; this is a tried and true ode to "cowboy stompin'," honky-tonking country music! The two of them share co-writing credits on this tune. Despite a title alluding to connotations of doom, ANGELS FALL SOMETIMES (a ballad co-written with Tony Martin and Mark Nesler) is actually a gorgeous love song!! One song on this album that Josh didn't write is LORD HAVE MERCY ON A COUNTRY BOY. But, he might as well have, because it describes an upbringing that he likely knows well. Ralph Stanley, along with three members of Diamond Rio: Marty Roe, Gene Johnson, and Dana Williams are all special guest vocalists on ME AND GOD, a pure feel-good bluegrass-tinged treat. GRAVITY is a neatly crafted ballad that puts a positive spin on a powerful force of nature that is usually the cause for scars and bruises. Josh closes the album with his self-penned reflection that lets us know about the way things are done WAY DOWN SOUTH. This could almost serve as a postlude to the previous "Lord Have Mercy On a Country Boy."

This Man is an enjoyable album in its entirety! Each song leaves you wanting more, and after the last note ends, the only disappointment is that there aren't more songs! I'm anticipating Josh Turner's third album already!!


Josh Turner
Your Man
MCA Nashville
Released January 24, 2006

Josh Turner


1. Would You Go With Me
2. Baby's Gone Home to Mama
3. No Rush
4. Your Man
5. Loretta Lynn's Lincoln
6. White Noise
7. Angels Fall Sometimes
8. Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy
9. Me and God
10. Gravity
11. Way Down South

Reviewed by: Estella Pan

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