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STAR Views: Tresa Street

By: Estella Pan

I have been a fan of singer/songwriter Tresa Street's music for quite some time. During CRS-36, she filled me in on all the exciting projects she’s working on!

Tresa Street

Estella: After a short hiatus, you're back with a new single called "Rockin' a Baby." Are you excited?
Tresa: Yes! I'm excited about it, because the new wave of country listeners like "attitude," and this song has plenty of attitude!

Estella: And, you're currently working on a new album?
Tresa: Well, I'm working on a new country album. But, being with an independent label and the way that country music has opened up, the listeners are more receptive to let the artists venture into more styles and more of their influences. I write [songs] in a variety of styles and am actually involved in three different projects. The country project, of course, because that's my main love. But, I also have a Christian-country project that I'm working on. One particular song called "Heaven's Why" – I just feel like the good Lord handed it to me. The production on it is so good! It's got this driving beat that makes you want to sing along with it! Then, I have a bluegrass project. Bill Monroe was a good friend of mine, and he had one of [the songs I’d written] on hold. Unfortunately, he passed. But, J. D. Crow also recorded one of songs called "My Blue Eyes You Left in Tennessee." So, now I'm going to offer a bluegrass project to the public and see what they think! Course, I won't be singing like a traditional bluegrass, I'll have plenty of "me" on there, but I hope the public likes it.

Estella: How do you keep up with three projects?
Tresa: Well, you just have to get into different modes, I guess! This is the first time I've ever done anything like this, and I'm so excited about it, because I'll have several singles in different markets out at one time. And, I'm still writing.

Estella: What kinds of things inspire the songs you write?
Tresa: Talking to people. Things that are happening to me or my friends. But, I have to admit that sometimes, I'll overhear a conversation at a restaurant and it will cause me to think of another idea, and I'll go from there!

Estella: What is it about country music that draws you to it?
Tresa: The sincerity and honesty, and the messages of the songs. It's one big family, and I'm just glad to be a part of it!

Estella: What are you most excited about in terms of your forthcoming album?
Tresa: The fact that I get to be a big part of this album. The last album [NOTE: Ain't Nothin' Changed], I believe I had four cuts that I wrote on it. This project, the label is permitting me to be more "me" on it. So, there will be more of my songs on it. Also, the label has announced that, due to popular demand, they will be re-releasing my first album, Baby It's You, on CD! [NOTE: It had only been released in vinyl form previously]

Estella: It's neat that you'll be able to pursue different markets through your various projects.
Tresa: It is! A lot of times, labels will, in ways, confine you into one thing they want you to do. But, I've been very fortunate with my label that they ARE permitting me be who I am. I think the public takes time to recognize that, so I've been getting good reception from them. Everything is going my way, and what woman doesn't like that?!

Estella: Absolutely right!
Tresa: See, because then, you have no problems! (laughs)

Estella: Can fans purchase both albums on your website?
Tresa: Yes, at We've got a new design for my website, and we will be offering music – a dollar per song – because, I have quite a lot of music "in the can" that the public hasn't gotten to hear yet. I'm also going to be running some new contests, so please stop by!

Estella: Sounds like you have renewed energy to charge forward with your career!
Tresa: Oh yes, full force! Six months [of downtime] is enough! I've got new music and the wind beneath my wings, so I'm excited!

Estella: Are you writing for your Christian country and bluegrass albums, as well?
Tresa: Yes! I write a variety of styles of music. In fact, on my last album, I wrote and recorded a song called "That's My Final Answer." I did a pop version that I also released. The country version got more airplay, so the label pushed it a little harder than they did the pop version. But, it was fun hearing the different versions of my writing. I believe that all the songs on my bluegrass album will be ones that I have penned. The Christian album will be a mixture but will much of my own writing.

Estella: You mentioned the song "Heaven's Why." Will that be a single?
Tresa: Yes, it's going to be off the bluegrass project.

Estella: What is it about?
Tresa: It's positive message about what Heaven is all about. The chorus is about someone that has the experience of finding the Lord and is not backward at all about saying that they love Jesus and that Heaven is where they want to be. It goes, "I wanna go to Heaven/I wanna hear the angels sing/I wanna see Jesus and all his precious things." It makes me feel good to sing it, so I hope it's a good message for everyone. Be listening for it! And, the shape our country and the world is in at this time, we need positive love and support. I think if we all pulled together with love and positive messages, we'll be a stronger country.

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