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STARific Review: Todd Fritsch - Todd Fritsch

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Texas-raised Todd Fritsch has released his self-titled album, on which this talented 24-year-old co-wrote several tracks. Balancing writing, recording and performing music with ranching duties doesn't leave much downtime. Somehow, Todd makes it all work; his love for both music and the cowboy way of life shines through on these twelve tracks – done how else but Texas style!!

In the album's opening track, Todd revisits I GOT MEXICO, putting his refreshing arrangement on the classic made popular by Eddy Raven. Next, we gain a renewed appreciation for that SMALL TOWN RADIO, playing loud and clear in the form of a beautiful story-song. I DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE is one of my favorite ballads off the album. The melody is simply gorgeous, and Todd paints a vivid picture of a heartbroken man reluctant to let go of a love he used to know. MEMORY DO YOUR THING get shufflin' – literally! Hey, if the real thing up and walks away, who says you can't command your mind to conjure up used-to-be happier moments?! This is another Jeffrey Steele masterpiece! DANCIN' IN THE RAIN is a feel-good number about plowing forward after each tried and true lesson learned. Todd's warm voice in YOU KNOW I WOULD will keep you captivated 'til the very last note! Mix in the promient solo fiddle, and this track nothing short of mesmerizing! This album's absolute must-hear is FRIENDS BEHIND BARS! With intentionally ambiguous lyrics and a melody that will dance in your mind for hours, this uptempo rocker is my personal favorite of the bunch – it will likely be yours, too!! Things slow down as we hear what has CORPUS CHRISTI CALLIN'. The fiddle melodies as well as top-notch songwriting are a highlight in this heartfelt ballad. BOB WILLS SONG is actually about getting over a breakup, but you’d never know it, thanks to the tune's melodic styling and musical arrangements – a fitting homage to the legend who is credited for putting his stamp on Western Swing. Those of you looking for a wedding theme song, look no further than FIRST DATE (FOR THE LAST TIME)! In a sea of loves that will come and go, sometimes you get lucky and find that special someone who is just right for you. This song splendidly captures that moment when you realize that what you have is a treasure worth keeping. The fiddle and steel pedal-ladden WALK SOFTLY ON THE BRIDGES gives wise do's and don't to keep a flourishing romance from fading. Finally, many were deeply affected when the late Chris LeDoux passed on. Being a singing cowboy himself, Todd was especially moved that he put his pen and paper to work. The result is a deeply moving song to immortalize a well-known and loved COWBOY LEGACY. The spoken dedication that introduces the tribute says what country music fans won't likely forget soon: "There's one less saddle in the barn, but there's one more hero in heaven."

This album is thoroughly enjoyable, whether you're in the car, living room, or out at the nearest dance hall! Props to Todd Fritsch for providing the perfect balance of uptempo shuffles and swings as well as ballads. As you're listening, you really get a sense of who he is and what type of lifestyle he leads and enjoys. Try it out for yourself – I guarantee a fun listen for everyone!


Todd Fritsch
Todd Fritsch
Diamond Music Group
Released October 18, 2005


1. I Got Mexico
2. Small Town Radio
3. I Don't Live Here Anymore
4. Memory Do Your Thing
5. You Know I Would
6. Dancin' in the Rain
7. Bob Wills Song
8. Corpus Christi Callin'
9. Friends Behind Bars
10. First Date (For the Last Time)
11. Walk Softly on the Bridges
12. Cowboy Legacy

Reviewed by: Estella Pan

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