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STARific Review: Billy Gilman - Everything and More

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Billy Gilman first captivated fans at eleven years old with his debut album One Voice. Four albums later, that very voice brought his career to a sudden halt and left him doubting whether he'd be able to sing again. Fortunately, after two years of complete vocal rest, he is fully recharged and sounding better than ever! And though his vocal register has dropped a few octaves, Billy kicks everything else into high gear on his latest album titled Everything and More.

HEY LITTLE SUZIE (The Cause of All That) tells a sweet story about a budding romance that started with occasional glances and "an accidental touch." The album opener has such an infectious melody that you'll soon find yourself tapping your feet and singing along! One listen to EVERYTHING AND MORE and devoted fans will quickly notice just how remarkably resilient and vibrant Billy's voice has become. The ballad title track is an addiction that you can't get enough of – get ready to keep it on repeat! The next song paints a picture of a hope in PEACEABLE KINGDOM, one that is "such a beautiful place full of joy, full of grace." The midtempo track, which starts with an accapella first verse that quickly draws the listener in, gracefully infuses country and bluegrass sounds with its tight harmonies and dazzling instrumental arrangements. After having searching the world through and through, the next splendid ballad finds the man in the song COMING HOME to love. In a world marked with unsettling fighting and other trying tragedies, the hauntingly pensive IS ANYBODY OUT THERE could find its place in the times of today. Next is one of my personal favorite ballads of this album. Billy soars to new heights on LOOKED INTO THE WINGS, both vocally and musically. When we hit rock bottom, sometimes it only takes one person to help us back on our feet and uncover the light we'd lost sight of. Up to this point, this album has been mostly emotion-heavy tracks. That changes with THREE WORDS, TWO HEARTS, ONE KISS. This upbeat love song is destined to be a fan favorite! Get on your feet and dance to your heart's content; be sure to crank it up!!!! Up next is a reflective song in which a young boy watches his older brother's life fall to pieces; feeling helpless, he can only PRAY FOR HIM. The orchestral interludes in this track are simply magnificent! Like the previous "Coming Home," I'M NOT ME ANYMORE finds undying devotion and inspiration in love. Billy gets rockin' in MISSED YOU ON SUNDAY, a song that explores the unpredictable journey to becoming comfortable in one's own skin. Then, "there's SOMETHING 'BOUT HEAVEN that brings you back down to Earth," even when you're soaring in the splendors of love. Saving the absolute best for last, AWAKEN THE MUSIC is drop-your-jaw astounding!!!! Sampling a Mozart symphony, Billy gives everything and more on this intensely edgy and tongue-twisting track that will only leave you wanting more! A rousing round of applause goes out to the production/engineering crew for intertwining country, rock, classical, and even Broadway musical-esque sounds tightly to create the perfect album closer!

What a smashing way to get back in the game!! Billy has hit the ground running with a stronger and richer voice that he's ready to share with his fans! Do yourselves a big favor and check out this album – then, as you're listening, flip through the CD booklet to read Billy's thoughts on each song!


Billy Gilman
Everything and More
Image Music Group
Released May 17, 2005

Billy Gilman


1. Hey Little Suzie (The cause of All That)
2. Everything and More
3. Peaceable Kingdom
4. Coming Home
5. Is Anybody Out There
6. Looked Into the Wings
7. Three Words, Two Hearts, One Kiss
8. Pray For Him
9. I'm Not Me Anymore
10. Missed You On Sunday
11. Something 'Bout Heaven
12. Awaken the Music

Reviewed by: Estella Pan

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