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Eddie Bayers

After almost twenty years in the business, Eddie Bayers continues to be one of the most in-demand studio musicians sought in the music industry.

Eddie Bayers and Lane Brody
Eddie w/ his wife, Lane Brody

The Bayers' Bit:
Eddie Bayers has lent his talent to numerous projects, including - but not limited to - country music albums as well as movie soundtracks. Though he grew up as a classically-trained pianist, Eddie turned his musical focus to being a drummer after heading out west to California during his college years. It was also during those years that he learned the value of creating music and not just playing it.
Eddie soon found himself jamming with well-known musicians such as Jerry Garcia, as well as John and Tom Fogerty. The latter helped Eddie jump into work as a studio musician. Next came a "calling" from Nashville and Eddie was soon Music City-bound. Putting his musical talent to use, he auditioned to be the pianist of a local club. He got the part and found himself working alongside Larrie Londin; it was the legendary drummer who inspired Eddie to become a professional drummer himself.
Next came working with the major "Who's Who" of country music - he played on albums that would eventually reach both Gold and Platinum status in sales. Not surprising, it wasn't long before it seemed like every artist in town wanted Eddie to play on their record (the endless list includes Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, George Strait, Kenny Chesney)! His much-sought beat can also be heard in various movie soundtracks. He has the distinction of being named by the Academy of Country Music (ACM) the Drummer of the Year for an unprecidented ELEVEN consecutive years!!!! (He now has 12 - in 2004, Eddie again took home an ACM trophy in that very category!!)
When he is not recording for someone's album, he is working with his wife, country music vocalist Lane Brody; he has produced several of Lane's albums. He also enjoys jamming with The Notorious Cherry Bombs. Eddie is on a roll and don't expect him to stop making great music anytime soon!!

Eddie Bayers

Eddie in the News:
Eddie is currently in the studio working on Lane's forthcoming album!! He has produced several of Lane's recent albums and both of them are excited about the new project, which is slated to wrap soon!! Stay tuned for more details, as I will post them here as soon as I hear of them!

You can hear Eddie playing on Martina McBride's latest album, Timeless - it's in stores now!!

Eddie Bayers

Did y'all know?!
** Eddie was recently named, by Drum! magazine, one of the top ten greatest session drummers of ALL TIME!! CONGRATULATIONS, Eddie!!!!

** Eddie is a member of the Notorious Cherry Bombs, a band consisting of fellow A-list musicians and recording artists. The Notorious Cherry Bombs are - from left to right: John Hobbs and Hank DeVito (top row), Michael Rhodes, Tony Brown, Rodney Crowell and Vince Gill (second row), Richard Bennett and Eddie Bayers (bottom row).

Find the Beat:
Catch up with Eddie online at his website: Eddie Bayers Online!!

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