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Pam Tillis

2004: Wy and Naomi make their debut
The Judds
together as The Judds on the Opry stage!

The Tillis Way:
Nearly two decades after Pam Tillis first graced country audiences with her music, her voice is still refreshing as ever! The girl who grew up watching from the wings as her dad took the stage every night has become a country music legend in her own right. Though it might have intimidated most to set out with such large shoes to fill, Pam took on the challenge with open arms and broke the mold of being known as "Mel Tillis' daughter." Her own songs reflected slices of "real life," and it didn't take long before she was enjoying a string of hits, which include "Maybe It Was Memphis," "Spilled Perfume," "Mi Vida Loca," and countless others.
Pam's own musical styles are as varied as the infusion of music she grew up on.
Pam's new album, Rhinestoned, is set to release on April 17, and it is her first-ever independent album. The album is being released on her own imprint Stellar Cat Records, and rings true to what she believes in her heart to be "country music."

Naomi on the Move:
Y'all can catch Naomi's New Morning every Sunday morning on the Hallmark Channel!! Naomi brings her down-home philosophies and hard-won, practical wisdom to the show, a groundbreaking, unbiased one-hour, weekly series. Encore presentations of each show will be seen weekly. (Check local listings for air times.)
Naomi is revered for her warmhearted clarity and wise simplicity and has been in training all of her life for this kind of talk show experience - a thought-provoking sojourn through mind-body-spirit connection with a mix of celebrity guests, scientists, inventors, medical ethicists and other "brainiacs" from the host's eclectic inner circle of friends. Naomi believes the solutions to our problems can be found "around the kitchen table," or in honest communication with each other. Because she has passed life's worst tests in such an elegant, yet down-to-earth way, Naomi also plans for her show to be "on the road again," looking into America's nooks and crannies to meet people whose lives have been transformed in the extraordinary.
Naomi's New Morning has the potential to have a genuinely transformative effect on viewers by illustrating how harmony, balance and equilibrium are essential for a happy, healthy human experience.
For tickets to Naomi's New Morning, please contact Barbara Schlarp, Audience Coordinator at or call 212.380.2599.

Did y'all know?!
** Grand Canyon University in Arizona recently awarded Naomi with TWO PhD degrees - one in Nursing and the other in Performing Arts!! CONGRATULATIONS, NAOMI!!!!

** Aside from pursuing a career as a recording artist, Naomi has spearheaded many projects, including become a best-selling author, a respected radio and TV host, and starting her own skin care line called Esteem. To order YOUR own kit, please call 1-800-MYNAOMI.

Judd Magic:
For a comprehensive listing of albums that The Judds recorded, please visit: The Judds' Music (scroll down past Wy's solo albums to where it says "THE JUDDS ALBUMS")

Naomi on the Net:
Find all the latest info on Naomi and her ever-adventurous life at her official site:!!

Naomi also provides resources for individuals who have Hepatitis C. Please visit:
Hepatitis C Info and Resources for those links.

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