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STARific Review: Bill Engvall - Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography

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The latest disc from comedian Bill Engvall features fifteen all-new boisterously entertaining tracks.

Bill shares his experience as a father of a teenage daughter taking DRIVER’S ED and sheds light on the "obvious" generation gap between OLD FASHIONED parents and their "know-it-all" kids. He talks about BIZARRE MAGAZINES, why he thinks CIGARETTES EQUAL PAIN, what he did in VICODINLAND, and how "NICE" STOPS AFTER MIDNIGHT. Then, Bill reflects on his married life, AFTER TWENTY YEARS OF MARRIAGE to his wife. Of course, no Bill Engvall album would be complete without at least one "Here’s Your Sign" track; the material he chooses for ENCORE – HERE’S YOUR SIGN makes it one of his best yet!

The last two tracks are musical numbers. Bill teams with Elbert West, and what do you know? The guy’s not only funny, but he can sing, too! RICH, FAT, AND UGLY pokes fun at all the "glamorous" things recording artists put themselves through in order to be "successful" in the business. The title track rounds up the album; I’M A CHEAP DRUNK is just plain fun!

Through his stories of real-life experiences, he will have you falling off your seat and rolling on the floor laughing by the time the album’s done! If you’ve enjoyed Bill Engvall’s previous albums, this one is a definite must-have!!


Bill Engvall
Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography
Released September 24, 2002
Warner Brothers Nashville

Bill Engvall


1. Introduction
2. Freshness Emergency
3. Grading Your Biological Output
4. Driver's Ed
5. Old Fashioned
6. Every Public Restroom in America
7. Cigarettes Equal Pain
8. Vicodinland
9. Never Have My Own Animal Show
10. "Nice" Stops at Midnight
11. After Twenty Years of Marriage
12. Bizarre Magazines
13. Encore - Here's Your Sign
14. Rich, Fat, And Ugly
15. I'm a Cheap Drunk

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