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Song by Song With Brad & Shelly

Brad & Shelly take turns talking about each song off their debut album 24/7:

"Don't Make Me": When Brad and I were listening to songs for our CD, we heard "Don't Make Me" and we loved it. The lyrics talk about experiences that everyone can relate to - experiences that deal with growing up. Even though this sounds serious, the humor and uptempo beat of the song make it fun to both sing and listen to.

"Legally": Since Shelly and I consider ourselves traditional country singers, we immediately wanted to record this song. It is a reminiscent of the George and Tammy, or Conway and Loretta duets that we grew up singing. Then when we learned that country music legend Freddie Hart wrote the song, we knew we wanted it on this CD.

"Tin Can": "Tin Can" was written by two very successful songwriters - our producer, Jerry Cupit, and Charlie Craig. We feel that this is one of the most clever songs we've ever heard. It was recorded with several acoustic string instruments and no drums to enhance the simple and honest meaning the song conveys. The line '"Love is like a tin can'" is a great analog for the cycles of both love and life. What a great song!

"Strange World": We first heard this song when Brad recorded it as a demo. The music and lyrics remind us of the late Keith Whitley, and we have always loved his style. The song's chorus also works perfectly with our harmonies, and we enjoyed recording it!

"Mr. Right Now": Everyone who is single is always looking for "Mr, or Mrs. Right." I think this song paints a pretty honest picture of the waysmen and women sometimes perceive each other. Plus it shows the humorous side of the "dating game." Sometimes making light of a serious situation helps us deal with it - that's why I love this song!

"It Was Real": "It Was Real" is definitely a song about relationships. Sometimes two people plan on staying together, but things just don't work out. This song touches on the idea of real love and poses the question of what it really is. Shelly and I also like the way the harmony works in this cut.

"Heartbreak Ridge": What we liked most about this song is the signature guitar licks that producer Jerry Cupit put in the arrangement. The story the song tells about lonliness is also very descriptive. You can almost see or visualize the character living all alone on "pork 'n' beans and cheap whiskey.'" We enjoy this tune very much!

"24/7": I happen to be a huge George Jones fan, and one can probably figure that out by listening to this song. Jerry Cupit, Shelly, and I wrote this song for me so I could have a little fun and pay tribute to Mr. Jones at the same time. Plus the arrangement and the way the musicians played it makes it one of my favorites to sing!

"When They Waltz": Our Dad Emmitt Brinkley was a fiddle player, and he loved waltzes. This song means a lot to us because the fiddles in the intro remind us of Dad. He actually got to hear this song before he passed away, so when we sing this song we always think of Dad and how he always told us how proud he was of us.

"Hit And Run": I got the idea for this song while I was waiting for a flight at the Nashville Airport. I was thinking about how in small towns, kids like to drive up and down main street, or sit in parking lots of local stores and talk - all on Saturday nights - it is a social thing mostly about cruisin on the weekend. I had the verses and chorus done, and Jerry Cupit helped me finish the bridge. I think this song would make a great video.

"Love Is Thicker Than Water": It's human nature that brother and sisters disagree, argue, and yes sometimes even fight. No one knows that better than we do. This song explores the positive side - that siblings do defend each other in times of need. This is a value installed in us by our parents. Our friend Jim Reynolds gave us the title for this song, and Jerry Cupit helped us finish it. Although this is the most challenging song to sing live, it is one of our favorites.

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