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Brittany Wells

Not only does Brittany's vocal talent speak for itself, but she understands that unfaltering dedication leads to success. Plus, she has a sincere heart-warming spirit about her; all of these are essential for achieving longevity in the music business.

Brittany Wells

Breaking Into the Biz:
Born in England, and raised in Texas, Brittany Wells took a liking to performing from a very young age. Unlike most children who tend to shy away from showing off their vocal chops to relatives, close friends, and even total strangers, Brittany cherished those "stage" moments. Thus began the ground work for fine-tuning a career in music.
In her elementary years, Brittany was introduced to tennis, a sport in which she excelled and which also taught her the importance of time well spent in hard work, dedication, and LOTS of practice! A few years later, Brittany saw an opportunity to enter the Miss Teen Texas pageant circuit, a title she took home in 2002. Those valuable experiences helped honed her stage presence as well as interviewing skills.
Next came trips to Nashville to try and break into the music business. She was soon introduced to songwriter/producer Wyatt Easterling, who began working with her on some music. "From Harm's Way," Brittany's debut single struck an emotional chord in many hearts, especially of those individuals serving overseas and their families. Brittany then released her debut album Loving Every Minute of It in late 2004 on Spindletop Records.
Her single is the rockin' "Somebody's Somebody," which Brittany delivers with punchy attitude.
Though only 20, it is music that has lead her to this point and it is where her heart is. Don't believe me? The next time you see Brittany Wells, look into her eyes - not only can you tell she loves music, but she wants it to BE her life. And, you know what? She's absolutely got it!!

Brittany Wells

Brittany News:
REQUEST Brittany's NEW single "Too Long" - at radios NOW!! Please continue to REQUEST "Somebody's Somebody" and "From Harm's Way" at radio - both have videos, so please REQUEST to see them on GAC, VH-1 Country, and CMT!!!!

New Country Music is holding a vote for favorite new female Country Artist!! If you wouldn't mind taking a short minute to click or copy and paste the link below and voting for me, Brit would really appreciate YOUR votes! Just go to the page, scroll down and vote for "Brittany Wells". You may vote once daily at: VOTE for Favorite NewFemale Country Artist!!

Brit's has got a NEW streetteam!! For details, please visit:!!

Brit is the first female recording artist on an independent label to chart back-to-back singles on the R&R Indicator Chart in 2005 (for "Somebody's Somebody" and "Too Long")!! This is an amazing accomplishment considering that the songs were worked by independent promoters, without the help of a label staff. CONGRATULATIONS Brit!!!!

Brit's got a completely revamped website - have you seen it?! Make sure y'all check it out (link is below)!!

Please click the following link and fill up on your Brittany Wells Video Binge at!! Click on Brit's picture and the bottom of the page and watch her video, "From Harm's Way." While you're there, make sure to check out her artist page by typing her name in the search box. Once there, you can rate her album AND post on her messageboard.

Make Brit's "From Harm's Way" YOUR cell phone ringtone!! You can download it here: Brittany Wells Ringtones

Brittany Wells

Did y'all know?!
** Brittany's last name is actually Wellsfry. When she used to tell people her name, they tended to ask how it was spelled. So, Brit shortened her last name to Wells because she felt it would be easier for people to remember and to spell!

** Brit relates to her debut single "From Harm's Way" in a very personal way. During the first few years of her life, her father, Captain John Wellsfry served as a U.S. Air Force Fighter pilot. Brit, having been born in England, was named in honor of her birth place.

** Brit's current single "Somebody's Somebody" was co-written by country music recording artist/songwriter Sherrié Austin. You can find Sherrié's own version of the rockin' tune on her album Streets of Heaven.

Brittany Wells

Catch the Brittany Beat:
Pick up YOUR copy of Brittany's debut album Loving Every Minute of It (it features "From Harm's Way" and "Somebody's Somebody"!). You will LOVE every minute of it!! It is available on Brit's website (link is below)!

Make sure to check out Brit's website at:

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