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STARific Review: Kassie DePaiva - No Regrets

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Kassie DePaiva is living in a “Beautiful World” these days! Who can blame her? After all, she’s been playing Blair Cramer Manning on One Life to Live since 1993, has earned a Best Leading Actress Daytime Emmy nomination, and gets to come home to a healthy family. Now, she’s spreading her happiness in the form of her sophomore album No Regrets. It offers 12 individual slices of the good life, and Kassie invites you to help yourself – there’s plenty to go around!

With the contagious “Na-na-na’s” introducing BEFORE YOU, you’ll be inclined to sing along – in fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ll also be dancing, too! The tune is only a prelude to the rest of the excellent music on this album!! Love lingers around for the ballad SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU. Don’t be surprised if, through the lyrics, you relive some fond memories; we’ve all been there at one time or another. The orchestral accompaniment backing Kassie’s voice on this track is just as compelling! The BEAUTIFUL AS USUAL reveals a heart overflowing with love and its owner wrapped in inexplicable happiness. SWEET ANGEL OF MINE first found its way into people’s hearts when it was featured in a Mother’s Day episode of One Life to Live. Since then, it has become a favorite of many Life fans. Keep a box of tissues handy, because this endearing mother-to-child lullaby will simply melt your heart! Then, a beautiful piano solo presents a woman struggling to see how a severed romantic relationship could be forgotten so easily with NO REGRETS. As darkness starts to surface, the feel-good A DREAM WANTS TO FLY lightens the mood. Just as the title suggests, an adamantly blazing fire burning from within encourages the soul to soar as high as any destined dream will take it. The next is a pensive track that incites only one question: when two hearts fight two varying viewpoints always have to amount to NOTHING AT ALL? You decide for yourself. It is said that time heals the heart. Tangible remembrances – dried roses, love letters, and the like – are all that remain of a once-blooming love, and though they continue to bring her back in time, the woman in the song confesses that MY MEMORY’S NOT AS GOOD. The haunting melody in this melancholy ballad makes the situation all that much more real and will keep you listening. Let the rest of the world be a mystery! The woman in the next song is perfectly content with knowing THAT YOU LOVE ME; easily relateable, this song is likely autobiographical in Kassie’s life as well. Snuggle up with your meant-to-be; you’ll want to slow dance to this one! Love and happiness is also the theme in the next happy-go-lucky tune! This time, it comes mixed with an infectious groove. It’s hard to miss is the unmistakably pure joy exuding from Kassie’s voice – this is someone who is truly happy and grateful to be living in a BEAUTIFUL WORLD! A once-in-a-lifetime kind of love is truly magical and for those who are fortunate to find it, they agree that the secret is all hidden in THE WAY YOU LOOK AT ME. As much as many dream of a fairy-tale ending to a perfect love, that isn’t the way things always turn out. Enter TIMELESS, a ballad that reveals traces of fear and doubt after contemplating what the future might hold. But, not worries just yet, as for the time being, things seem to be tied up neatly into a big beautiful bow.

Locked in this album lies Kassie’s sunlit heart and spirit that she’s elated to share – “Rain or shine or day or night/summer, winter, blue or gray” – count on this album to boost your mood and self-confidence up several notches! So, pick up YOUR copy and unlock the joy; you will have no regrets – guaranteed!!


Kassie DePaiva
No Regrets
ENC2 Records
Released November 14, 2004

Kassie DePaiva


1. Before You
2. Sorry But I Love You
3. Beautiful As Usual
4. Sweet Angel of Mine
5. No Regrets
6. A Dream Wants to Fly
7. Nothing At All
8. My Memory's Not As Good
9. That You Love Me
10. Beautiful World
11. The Way You Look At Me
12. Timeless

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