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STARific Review: Tammy Cochran - Where I Am

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It's been a few years since we have heard from Tammy Cochran. But, she's making up for lost time with her exceptional album, Where I Am! This is a collection of twelve new songs, all of which she had a hand in writing. From finding love and chasing dreams to salvaging relationships and mending broken spirits, she's lived through it all to tell about it.

The album kicks off with SO LONG, where the leading lady finds empowerment in walking away from a relationship – something she knew she should have done sooner. AND MORE finds her testing new waters. The hook says it all: "I don't know if it's love yet, but I'm willing to risk it... it's all I've been waiting for and more." The insistent drumming on the track augments the almost over-bearing anxiety expressed in the lyrics. Next, despite wearing designer brands and owning a car paid for, the house this woman lives in is NOBODY'S HOME. That's because at the end of the day, she doesn't have a single person to share all those luxuries with. The stark contrast in lifestyles is apparent as she describes driving by and seeing family barbecues, children jumping on trampolines and playing in their backyard pools - all of which she is not a participant. The beginning notes of GONE immediately darkens the mood for a song that screams of loneliness and mystery. The only sure thing here is change. Love is often referred to as an emotional rollercoaster. The next song takes that very angle, likening the ups and downs of any relationship to allowing yourself to embark on the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! This track is four minutes of pure enjoyment and one of my favorites!! WHERE I AM is the central core and the namesake of this album. The ballad is about overcoming adversity and experiencing growth in the process. The message in this song is applicable to any situation life throws your way. ON MY SIDE OF THE WORLD was inspired by and written shortly after the 9/11 tragedy. Tammy and co-writer Patricia Gray chose to tell the story of fear and anxious that families face while waiting for their loved ones to return from abroad. This is a most powerful song and my personal favorite ballad from the album. AS SOON AS I'M OVER YOU is perhaps the biggest stretch for Tammy, vocally and the musical style is unlike any song on her previous albums. In it, she gets downright bluesy, and packs an all around sassy kick as she expresses her determination to "find me someone new." IN OUR HOUSE plays out more mysteriously than the infamous happenings on Wisteria Lane – unfortunately, this is a slice of "real life" for too many victims of domestic violence. You can actually feel the hurt being inflicted. This one will give you chill bumps all the way through! In HIGHWIRE, feelings of uncertainty linger – but in a different way; this time, commitment issues take center stage. Subsequently, we find the woman tumbling head over heels in love only to land in bitter confusion – realizing it's a LONG WAY DOWN. Rounding out this stellar album is the light-hearted CHEMISTRY, a song that allows for plenty of experimenting, taking risks, and possibly living out dreams. Who knew chemistry could be so fun?!

The songs on Where I Am are strung together with so much heart, it's almost like we're tapping into Tammy's deeply personal diary. As always, her stellar vocal versatility and conviction remain intact – this, of course, only enhances the album's worth in its entirety!


Tammy Cochran
Where I Am
Released July 31, 2007
Shanachie Records

Tammy Cochran


1. So Long
2. And More
3. Nobody's Home
4. Gone
5. Ride Of Your Life
6. Where I Am
7. On My Side of the World
8. As Soon As I'm Over You
9. In Our House
10. Highwire
11. Long Way Down
12. Chemistry

By: Estella Pan

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