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STARific Review: Memarie - Memarie

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Long before Memarie and Jerry Cupit teamed to work on this debut project, they had been working together in real life. Why? Because Jerry (president of the newly formed Cupit Records) is not only the Louisiana sweetheart's songwriting partner and producer of her album, he is also her father. This father-daughter team contributes four songs to Memarie's debut album. Memarie, herself, offers a couple of solo writing efforts as well as co-writes with Jamie Whiting, Judy Rodman, Keith Hinton, and Mitch Ballard for a hefty package of 11 tracks.

In the light-hearted I KNOW YOU BY HEART, Memarie's voice forcefully pulls the listener in as she talks about the little things she remembers about her soul mate. Then, from somewhere deep within herself, the woman in the next song finds strength to say LEAVE ME ALONE as she tries to mend her broken heart. This ballad is one of my favorite tracks. The sassy MISS UNDERSTOOD finds a strong-willed woman marching to the beat of her own drum and tuning out the rest of the world. This upbeat crowd-pleaser was written with her father. Then, we follow as the ambitious I NEED A CHANGE heads out for a ride to nowhere specific, in search of a new lifestyle. HEAVEN is a heartfelt beautifully crafted ballad; the piano and string arrangements allow for a truly majestic experience. This is my personal favorite on this project. It is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or any other time one wishes to express love to a significant other. In fact, Memarie had it played for the very first time at her wedding as a gift to her husband, the man who also inspired the song. Getting tired of the same old grind at work and elsewhere, Memarie tries on some NEW SHOES, then later likens true love with RIDING ON THE RAIN. This is another gorgeous ballad! In true to Louisiana style enters the bluesy-gospel I'D LIKE TO HELP YOU WITH THAT, where she reaches out a helping hand to a troubled friend. This track is not only enjoyable, but it also shows off Memarie's vocal versatility. We get wrapped up in a soul-searching journey to SOMEWHERE BOUND. This emotion-filled ballad is another favorite! The beat picks up with MEDICINE MAN as the harmonica rips through in the introduction. Finally, in 2001, the inspirational WHAT IF HE'S RIGHT entered and dominated the top spot of the Christian singles chart for a whopping 11 consecutive weeks!

For those who aspire to become the next big star or who just like to sing, Memarie sends a gift of the full 11-song set as music-only bonus tracks. You need only to pop it into your CD player and sing away!

This is one gal you won't want to mess with. After all, Memarie has got her singing, songwriting, and guitar playing talents in tow, which essentially makes her a triple-threat to the country music world...and, we welcome her with open arms!


Released March 22, 2003
Cupit Records



1. I Know You By Heart
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Miss Understood
4. I Need a Change
5. Heaven
6. New Shoes
7. Riding on the Rain
8. I'd Like to Help You With That
9.Somewhere Bound
10. Medicine Man
11. What If He's Right

12-22. Bonus Tracks (Music Only)

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