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STARific Review: Teresa Farris - Teresa Farris

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A quick glance at the cover of Teresa Farris' self-titled debut album - her long blonde hair streaked with red - and you might think, Wait, she's supposed to be a country singer?! But, one listen to her and I guarantee you will say, "Oh yeah! She's definitely country!" That just goes to prove that what you get won't always match what you THINK you'll get! Album credits include award-winning musicians Dann Huff (electric guitar), Paul Franklin (steel guitar), and Lon Wilson (drums). Did I mention she enlisted the help of Byron Gallimore (famed producer who's worked with Jo Dee Messina, Jessica Andrews, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and more!) on a couple songs? I'll be darned if you're not on your feet, dancing when this album is done!

WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE is the perfect album opener! Teresa makes it clear that all that superficial stuff isn't going to cut it with her! Not to mention that an undeniably infectious melody paired with in-your-face lyrics makes for a great song any day! Given the title, TEMPTATION sure feels good! Influences of Tanya Tucker seep in on this one. Teresa has a way of drawing you right into the song with those sultry and strong vocals of hers. Then, she stands behind her man for the meantime, but she reminds him: he's welcome to TAKE IT ON THE RUN. She's got one condition, though - once gone, don't come back crying to her! The comparison of pride completely stripped away to standing NAKED IN THE POURING RAIN is eye-opening, to say the least. The song was Teresa's debut single, which did well on several radio station markets; the video was also well received on Great American Country (GAC). Its time to party; that's right! I FEEL LIKE A NEW MAN TONIGHT, co-written by Mike Geiger (he also co-wrote Montgomery Gentry's "Lonely and Gone"), is putting heartache behind. SO I SAY (also co-written by Geiger) is definitely my favorite track! Is she trying to deny the fact that she might be falling in love? Or is she really not sure? You decide. If she was uncertain in the previous track, she's not exactly any more decisive in I LOVE HIM I THINK (co-written by Stephony Smith, who wrote Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's duet "It's Your Love"). She might be "head over heels" and "lightheaded," but she's not letting on; her voice sounds confident in this upbeat rocker. Just for the record, she sings, "It's so surreal; I don't get it, but I don't wanna figure it out!" Teresa unleashes her everything as she pleads BE TENDER WITH ME BABY. Love intentions clash in the rocking THAT'S NOT THE KIND OF LOVE I NEED TONIGHT. The electric guitar riffs just drive this tune right through the roof! She pretends to appear self-assured in the Randy Scruggs co-penned ALL I NEED. But, take away the façade and you'll see that heartache's still got the best of her.

Teresa might indulge in dolling up for photo shoots every once in while, but her passion for music is indisputable. When it comes to sharing her music - whether on CD or in energy-packed live performances - Teresa is as serious as serious gets. (Remember I said that superficial doesn't cut it for her?) However, nobody ever said you couldn't have fun! Words of wisdom to all serious country fans: take some time to familiarize yourself with Teresa's brand of country music! And do me a favor after you get this album, crank it up!!


Teresa Farris
Teresa Farris
The Edge Group

Teresa Farris


1. What You Get is What You See
2. Temptation
3. Take It on the Run
4. Naked in the Pouring Rain
5. I Feel Like a New Man Tonight
6. So I Say 7. I Love Him I Think
8. Be Tender With Me Baby
9. That's Not the Kind of Love I Need Tonight
10. All I Need

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