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STAR Views: Gretchen Wilson

By: Estella Pan

I haven't had the opportunity to do a full interview with Gretchen. However, in promotion for Gretchen's new book, (Great American Country) recently ran a contest asking fans to submit their questions to Gretchen. The results from the contest became Gretchen's Fan Q & A Audio Blog, where she answered 30 questions - one for each day in November. While I knew a mountain of questions would be sent in, I figured it was as close as I was going to get to interviewing her - at least for now. So, I sent in a question.

On November 23, after spending a fabulous Thanksgiving with my family, I was beyond THRILLED to see MY question had been included Gretchen's blog!!!!

Click on the banner below to view all fan questions and Gretchen's answers to each. [NOTE: There are full-length audio streams accompanying each entry, where Gretchen reads the submitted questions and then gives her answers for each.] Enjoy!!

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Click to access Gretchen's Fan Q & A Audio Blog!

Visit Gretchen Wilson at!!

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