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Neal McCoy

Neal McCoy - easily one of the most entertaining performers in the country music business - scored many hits in the 90s. Now, he's back with new much AND a new record label - his own!

Neal McCoy

Meet the McCoy:
Neal McCoy grew up in Texas listening to the radio and his siblings' records, and started singing to anything he heard. A few years down the line, a chance to show his vocal chops in a local talent show won him the opportunity to open for Charlie Pride - that lasted seven years, during the time which Neal learned plenty from the legend and the two became fast friends!! Starting the early 90s, Neal earned numerous top-five as well as chart-topping hits (most of which are still favorites of today's listeners): "No Doubt About It," "You Gotta Love That," ""The Wink," "The City Put The Country Back in Me," "If I Were a Drinking Man," and "The Shake"!!
The always-energized Neal continues to inspire with various innovative projects. Each year, Neal takes his music overseas in the USO tours, something he's done since the beginning of his career. He says, "I just think of it as my duty. These young men and women are professionals, they do a terrific job, and they deserve all the support we can give them. We should help when we can, provided you're not taking anything away from your family or hurting anybody." It's with that same spirit that Neal and his wife Melinda founded the East Texas Angel's Network (affectionately known as ETAN) in 1995; thus far, Neal and Melinda have helped raise over three million dollars for low-income parents who have seriously ill children. He received due recognition in 2005 when the Academy of Country Music (ACM) named him the Humanitarian of the Year.
His most recent project is starting his own record label, 903 Records. Though he enjoyed much success many could only dream about, Neal explains, "But something was missing, and I think we've found it. Now that we've got 903 Records off the ground I have the chance to do nothing but what I want to do for the first time in my life. We've hired a great staff. We're setting up distribution and doing it right. We're looking at other artists we'd like to sign. It's a little scary, because when things go wrong at a major label you can always blame somebody else. Now it all comes down to me - but that's exciting too. And this is the right time to do it." So "right" that Neal has got yet another hit under his belt, his latest single is the laugh-til-you-fall-over "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On." The video for the song is just as hilarious, and features comedic icon Rob Schneider and animal activist Jack Hanna. A new album is in the works and will be released shortly.

Neal McCoy

Neal News:
REQUEST "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On" - at radios now!! Also, REQUEST the video on GAC, VH-1 Country, and CMT!!!!

It has been a year since 14-time NBA All-Star Karl Malone stepped off the basketball court and into the private sector to head his own construction business in Louisiana. This month "The Mailman" jumps back into the public eye, delivering an appearance in Neal's music video for "The Last of a Dying Breed.
Pitching legend Nolan Ryan and General Tommy Franks, both also Neal's buddies, are featured in the video as well, which begins airing later this month. General Franks wrote and performed the song's spoken introduction. "The Last of a Dying Breed" is a good-guy anthem paying tribute to the American archetypes: self sufficient, independent and honorable. For the video, Neal called on his three renowned friends who are representative of such character. He stated, "Karl, Nolan and the General each made themselves who they are by hard work and determination. They gave everything they had at all times and continue to today in all that they do. These guys are great role models."

Are you tough enough to wear pink?! That is the question Neal and the Wrangler brand, the western wear icon, asks YOU as it launched the Tough Enough to Wear Pink (TETWP) initiative. Proceeds from a special-edition pink shirt benefit breast cancer research.
As the leader in western lifestyle apparel since 1947 and the originator of the Cowboy Cut jean, the Wrangler® brand is using its strength and association with the rugged cowboy lifestyle to honor breast cancer survivors and the brave women and men who continue to battle the disease. A redesigned Wrangler rope emblem in the shape of the renowned breast cancer ribbon signifies the parallels between the cowboys who won the West and the brave women and men who are determined to win the battle against breast cancer.
JOIN Neal and others in wearing pink to raise awareness and funds for breat cancer research!! Wrangler Western Wear is available at over 2,500 western specialty, mid-tier and workwear stores nationwide that provide quality men's and women's apparel and accessories. For more information on products or to locate the Wrangler retailer nearest you, visit or call 1.888.784.8571.

Texas Governor Rick Perry designated Saturday, October 1 as "Neal McCoy Day" in Texas acknowledging that "Neal McCoy personifies the character of the heroes of Texas (and) contributes so much of himself to his community, state and nation." Neal joins fellow-Texans ZZ Top and Willie Nelson who have also been honored by the State of Texas with their own day.

Neal tells us that "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles" on, but, he's got himself a Top 20 hit with the ever-entertaining tune!! Propelled by the hit single, Neal's latest album That's Life (the first off his own label 903 Records) has become the biggest first-week album sales of his career!!

Extending ETAN:
Please help Neal and Melinda by donating to the East Texas Angel's Network. YOUR contributions help better the lives of children and their families. To date, ETAN has raised over THREE million dollars!! For more info about ETAN, visit Neal's official site (link is below)!!

Neal McCoy

Did y'all know?!
** Neal McCoy was actually born Hubert Neal McGaughey, Jr. When he first got his record deal, he changed the spelling to McGoy, and then to McCoy - to prevent mispronounciations of his name.

** Neal's father is a Texan with Irish roots and his mother is Filipino, so when asked his ethnicity and/or his heritage, Neal often referred to himself as a "Texapino."

** Besides Rob Schneider and Jack Hanna, Neal's manager and road manager also appear in his current video "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On"!!

**Neal's brother-in-law is fellow recording artist/songwriter Kevin Sharp. (Neal's wife, Melinda, and Kevin's wife, Traci, are sisters.)

Musically McCoy:
Neal's latest album That's Life is in stores now!!!!
Purchase YOUR copies of Neal's music by clicking on each respective CD cover!!

Neal Online:
Visit Neal's official website for the latest happenings in his ever-innovative career:!!

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