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Chalee Tennison

Everything Chalee Tennison takes part in - whether it be within her music or her life - is all heart and no fluff. She's learned to live and love through setbacks and broken hearts. Now, she's getting love from country fans everywhere!!

Chalee Tennison

To describe all the things Chalee Tennison has experienced through songs would result in at least 10 albums worth of songs - and most likely more! Chalee (pronounced Shuh-LEE) has never been shy about her past; she lets fans know her life has been anything but sugar-coated candy. In the same breath, she's quick to inspire and exude hope through sharing her songs and personal experiences. Lately, the singer/songwriter is happily married to Mark Gillespie; the two raise three children, Tiffany Page (17), Haley Anne (12), and Tyler Joe (9).
In this day and age, it is not very often that an artist is so in tune with the songs he or she sings that every word/note sung allows listeners to emotionally "live" those songs. Perhaps the reason Chalee has the ability to do just that is because she HAS lived every song included on each of her three albums: Chalee Tennison, This Woman's Heart, and Parading in the Rain. A common thread for Chalee's songs is hope and strength to move on and up from even the most difficult situations. She says, "My music comes from my life. And it means so much to me when fans use words like 'real' and 'honest.' Those are the values I grew up with. My grandmother taught me to be honest above all else. So what you get from me is the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts." That's why when Chalee sings, you get nothing but heart and soul!!

Chalee Tennison

Checking in w/ Chalee:
REQUEST the video for "Same Ol' Song and Dance" on GAC. VH-1 Country and CMT have not picked it up yet, but make sure to hit up the messageboards to let them know you want to hear this lovely duet!! Please continue to REQUEST Chalee's other singles and videos!!

Chalee is back on the scene!! She has recorded a duet with Leland Martin called "Same Ol' Song and Dance" (the song can be found on Leland's self-titled album).

Chalee begins work on her new album this month. Craig Morgan and Phil O'Donnell will produce the project!

Check out the NEW merchandise from Chalee!! Y'all can ORDER t-shirts (S, M, L, XL, XXL), girls tees (S, M, L) as well as magnets and key chains in three different designs. Please e-mail with your order. Please be sure to indicate sizes and totals of all merchandise. First design will be on a white tee, Second design will be on a tan tee, and the 3rd will be available in yellow. If you have any questions feel free to ask! T-shirts will be only $20.00!!! You can find photos of all three new designs at:
Chalee Tennison NEW Merchandise

CONGRATULATIONS to Chalee and her her husband, Mark, who celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary on November 10, 2005!!

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Chalee has released three albums, all of which y'all can purchase by clicking on each respective CD cover. They are:
Chalee Tennison
This Woman's Heart
Parading in the Rain

Chalee Tennison

Chalee Tennison

Chalee Tennison

Catch up on all things Chalee at:!!

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