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Lantana is the latest buzzworthy sensation to come out of Texas! This trio, comprised of Biz Haddock, Karol Ann DeLong, and Dalene Richelle, gives their predecessors (most notably, SHeDAISY and the Dixie Chicks) a serious run for their money, coming right out of the chute with a solid country debut! Trading lead vocal duties, each of their distinct voices and personalities shine radiantly throughout the album. Every song seems to have been custom-made for these very talented gals!

In COUNTRY AS A CITY GIRL CAN BE, also their debut single, the gals make no shame in embracing country pleasures in an uptown setting. The blues-infused RIDE 'EM COWBOY likens the monotonousness of the daily grind to a rodeo – both go endlessly round and round until you crash and burn. If you think being in a relationship or marriage is like being in prison, Lantana shares this advice: "Use your own damn key" and get out of it! After all, isn't love supposed to set your free?! That's the idea behind I AIN'T YOUR JAILER. All three gals contribute in the writing of THE JUICE AIN'T WORTH THE SQUEEZE, about the hard knocks that life hands you. Life won't always be pretty. But that doesn't mean you can't do something about it – just feel the pain and move on! Speaking of moving on, NO TRESPASSIN' plays like a verbal ultimatum, issued after having a her heart walked on more than one is willing to put up with. Next is a swampy tune that asks for "some of this, some of that" and "little bit of" EVERYTHING. This Jeffrey Steele-penned tune is contagious and worthy to add to the catalog of songs that consistently stick in your head! Written by Byron Hill and Odie Blackmon, both of whom have enjoyed several George Strait cuts, YOU KNOW HOW IT IS is truly an intelligent (the first time I've ever heard "inebriated" in a song) and rock-you-off-your-socks kind of song! In contrast to some of its other upbeat musical companions, LET SOMEBODY LOVE YOU glows in sparkling simplicity. Gone are the flying electric guitars, driving bass guitars and drums. There are no "hard to figure" story lines or philosophies here, and the melody perfectly captures the essence of the lyrics. GIVE is a feel-good fiddle-driven country tune that stresses the benefits of, what else? Giving. Mandolin-ladden ROLL WITH THE CHANGES makes for pure and inspiring enjoyment. Something about a gospel choir can rejuvenate your spirit, no matter how down-on-your-luck you're feeling! Next, we head back to the honky-tonks; there's no better place to hit up when the weekend rolls around and you've been SAVIN' IT UP FOR SATURDAY NIGHT!! The party continues with WHAT TURNS ME ON, a toe-tapping, tongue-twisting tune that celebrates having found the one man who rocks your world! FEEL LIKE ROCKIN' is the perfect send-off song, reveling in the joys of a girls' night out! Check out the random conversations at the end of the song! They will have you laughing so hard you'll wish you weren't missing that party!

Whether you're feeling like taking a road trip, painting the town, or enjoying a night by yourself or with a loved one, this album will suit your fancy! Give "Everything" you've got and listen to this stellar album from Lantana. Me, personally, I'm already anxiously waiting for their next album!!


BGM Records
Released September 5, 2006



1. Country As a City Girl Can Be
2. Ride 'em Cowboy
3. I Ain't Your Jailer
4. The Juice Ain't Worth the Squeeze
5. No Trespassin'
6. Everything
7. You Know How It Is
8. Let Somebody Love You
9. Give
10. Roll With the Changes
11. Savin' It Up For Saturday Night
12. What Turns Me On
13. Feel Like Rockin'

By: Estella Pan

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