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STARific Review: Chris Young - Chris Young

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Chris Young has likely been living on Cloud 9 since May 2, 2006!! That's the evening he was named the newest Nashville Star. His acoustic performance of "Drinkin' Me Lonely" on the said show won over judges and listeners alike; many, including Chris believe that ballad is what won him the show! Fans of country music's next superstar will be thrilled to know that it IS included on his self-titled debut album on a major label (Chris has previously released three albums independently). His album also features a few of his own tunes, including "Drinkin' Me Lonely."

Get ready to rock your socks off to the foot-stomping BEER OR GASOLINE! With only three bucks to his name, Chris ponders his latest life-affecting dilemma: should he go with "beer or gasoline?" Next, YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME plays out like an answer to one of those personal ads you might find at a dating service – set against a catchy melody. The piano and fiddle backdrop in DRINKIN' ME LONELY brings out the haunting melody of the forlorn lament. Like in his live performances, Chris' dead-on falsetto in the last line will give you goosebumps each time you listen to it. Changing the mood to something a little more light-hearted, WHITE LIGHTING recounts all the fun – albeit a little wacky at times! – moments that pop up during those ever-special family reunions! The party continues with LAY IT ON ME, a song Chris wrote with Tim James. I dare all you female Young devotees to tell me that the way he drawls "Lay it on me!" doesn't just melt your heart! Then, there's BURN, an inspirational tune about getting the chances pursuing dreams and going for it. The driving fiddle and swampy feel makes this tune all the more fun! Next up is SMALL TOWN, BIG TIME, another Tim James co-write. Just as the title indicates, the song chronicles how small town folks go about creating their own big times! FLOWERS, written by Billy Yates (who also penned such hit songs as "I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair" and "Choices"), is easily the most powerful song on this album. By the time the bridge rolls around, you’ll be feeling so much gut-punching guilt for the man in the song!! This tearjerker really makes you think twice about choosing to take the wheel after a few too many drinks. CENTER OF MY WORLD is your feel-good snuggle together kind of country love song. Chris wrote this one with fellow singer/songwriter David Lee Murphy. In YOUR WAY JOSE, Chris gets ready to trade in his house, car, and even his work boots for a few margaritas, a pair of sandals, and a burro?! – then hits the road for an "all night long fiesta"! Sounds like a party to me!! WHO'S GONNA TAKE ME HOME rounds out this superb album.

While it's easy to classify Chris as "just another balladeer," don't let "Drinkin' Me Lonely" be the only basis by which you conclude what he is capable of, musically. No doubt he does a stellar job on such emotion-filled ballads, but Chris also shows that he knows how to rock hard and loud! And though Nashville Star may have drawn in many new fans, it's the charisma he exudes both on stage and off and his genuinely down-to-earth personality he's always generously extended toward those fans that will keep them coming back for more.


Chris Young
Chris Young
RCA Records
Released October 3, 2006

Chris Young


1. Beer or Gasoline
2. You're Gonna Love Me
3. Drinkin' Me Lonely
4. White Lightning
5. Lay It On Me
6. Burn
7. Small Town, Big Time
8. Flowers
9. Center of My World
10. Your Way Jose
11. Who's Gonna Take Me Home?

By: Estella Pan

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