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Rodney Atkins

Just a reminder: September will roll by, but Malibu Storm will still be around. I will continue to update this page, so check back often! Enjoy!

Malibu Storm
(l to r): Michael, Lauren, and Dana

Who are they?
Identical twins Dana and Lauren have been singing together as young as five years old. Even then, it was obvious that the sisters instinctively knew how to produce beautiful harmonies. Then, their younger brother Michael joined in. But, things really started to roll when Dana found her father's old banjo in their garage and began playing and eventually winning various competitions. It didn't take long for Lauren to pick up the fiddle and later Michael with bass...and voíla - the creation of Malibu Storm. Eventually, the buzz about this new and immesely talent trio caught the attention of Rounder Records, the label on which they are currently signed. Their first single "Photograph" debuted at #10 on the Billboard Singles charts and is currently in the Top 3. Shortly after, they released their debut self-titled album; they held their own vocal/harmony parts (with no other help from other background vocalists) AND played their respective instruments on every track. From the way things are going, it sounds like this Storm's gonna stick around for a while!

What have Malibu Storm been up to?
REQUEST Malibu Storm's NEW single "Long Way to Fall" - at radios NOW!! Please continue to REQUEST "Photograph" at radio. Also, the video has also been released to GAC, VH-Country, and CMT!

Dana, Lauren, and Michael are in the process of writing and finding new music for their followup album to their self-titled debut!! Stay tuned for more details!!

Filming the vid for "Photograph"
Malibu Storm
(l to r): Michael Lauren, and Dana

Did y'all know?!
** If "Photograph" sounds familiar to you, it might be because that's a Def Leppard classic! But, Malibu Storm's newer rendition is just as refreshing!!

** There's a track on their debut album called "Clover." Lauren wrote the instrumental for Malibu Storm and the title of the song was inspired by the trio's family cat of the same name.

** Dana, Lauren, and Michael also have a sister, Allison, who they say is very musical, but is not part of Malibu Storm. Who knows? Maybe they will feature her on a future album!

Malibu Storm

Where can I buy their music?
Malibu Storm's self-titled debut is IN STORES NOW!! It features "Photograph" and 11 other fantastic tracks! Pick up YOUR copy today by clicking on the CD cover.

Do they have an official site?
Yes, they do! For more info on this immensely talent trio, visit:!!

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