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STARific Review: hilljack - Stand Up

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Assemble four talented vocalists/musicians and get them to collaborate on songwriting and producing…your final product will be hilljack. Their distinct style seamlessly fuses traditional country with southern rock. But, don't turn your head – just when you think it's all been done before, you get a punch in the gut from hilljack. Their debut Standup features a 14-pack of what else – contagious hilljack country!

The opening notes of THIS COULD GET GOOD explode through the speakers. Just as the first track dictates, there's not a single disappointment on this album. In case you're faced with lengthy road trips anytime soon, just pop this one in your car player and it should keep your singing tirelessly for hours! Next up is BIGGER THAN DALLAS, a mid-tempo "she done broke my heart" song. Then, we find the guys applying a little reverse psychology in YOU STILL THINK ABOUT ME – hey, whatever it takes to heal a broken heart, right? (Besides, they got one heck of a catchy song out of it.) Then they come a'beckoning for the "real cowboys" to STAND UP in the title track. When the main character has a head-on collision with a hard-knock love, the declaration LUV SUX comes to mind. The glass appears half full on MY SIDE OF TOWN; after all, there's "love that lasts" and "happy every after every time," where blissful memories take over and permeate the soul. You can't help but smile to the tongue-twisting and wildly infectious I KISSED MISS MISSISSIPPI. The "what if's" of when America's much-embraced musical genre becomes DEAD AND GONE. After a particularly rocky romantic experience, the man in this song has one condition: that the next girl he gets serious with is NOT SUSAN. Next comes a pensive ballad about mistakes made, lessons learned, and trying to come full circle IN CALIFORNIA. Aside from the title of the gospel-flavored THE DAY KATHERINE GREGORY DIED, there's not another indication that it is a woe-is-me song. Many questions, including HOW MANY HEARTS LIKE MINE, surface during a four-minute musical meditation session. The intricate guitar work (listen especially during the interlude) and feel-good lyrics will sound LOUD ENOUGH in your head for days! THROW-DOWN HOE-DOWN is a foot-stomping, twist-your-pardner-round-and round tune, bound to be a dancehall favorite! What a way to close out a standout album!

Whether it's an upbeat toe-tapping track or a laid-back ballad, hilljack's got it all covered. What a much appreciated breath of fresh music – this is what country radio needs to be playing!! Do me a favor: go out and get yourself some hilljack fever!


Stand Up
Crop Circle Records
Released March 16, 2004



1. This Could Get Good
2. Bigger Than Dallas
3. You Still Think About Me
4. Stand Up
6. Luv Sux
7. My Side of Town
8. I Kissed Miss Mississippi
9. Dead and Gone
10. Not Susan
11. In California
12. The Day Katherine Gregory Died
13. How Many Hearts Like Mine
14. Throw-Down Hoe-Down

By: Estella Pan

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