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STARific Review: Joey Daniels - Take Me Off the Market

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Make room for the newest Canadian import! Her name is Joey Daniels, and she has released her first full-length album titled Take Me Off the Market. Already hopping the charts with her debut single "Swinging Door," Joey (along with her brother Jason Pennock) contributed nine co-writes of the album's thirteen songs. James Stroud and Mark Bright (Sara Evans, Rascal Flatts) share producing credits on this album that also includes songs from some of Nashville’s acclaimed writers: Brett James, Hillary Lindsey, among others.

The album kicks into party mode with CRAZIER THAN USUAL. Most everyone can relate to this one – after pulling 9-to-5s all week long, quittin' time finally rolls around on Friday, and you're just ready to shake loose! The current single is SWINGING DOOR, where the woman in the song issues a no nonsense ultimatum to a man who has worn out his stay: "Your train don't stop here anymore...You can't just walk in, walk out...I ain't your swinging door." In the next track, we find a woman who's head over heels in love that she needs to KISS-N-TELL! As if to affirm, the harmonica gets a hopping workout on this one with all those intricate riffs! I'LL BE YOUR WHISKEY has a potent way of seeping into your blood stream, just like the forementioned libation. It won't be long before you find yourself humming its easily identifyable melody! Dancing fiddles and the driving beat are rather deceving, considering the meloncholy lyrics in THIS IS ME MISSING YOU. Then again, when you get lost in a song, something allows you to forget about everything that's going wrong in your life – maybe that's the purpose of this upbeat charmer! MIRACLE is the standout track, because it is so different from any other song on the album. Joey's impressive vocal range takes the cake on this powerhouse ballad laid atop a most heavenly piano accompaniment! TAKE ME OFF THE MARKET is a direct – albeit fun! – plea to quit two-stepping around wedding bells. Don't believe me? The tune closes with this spoken send off: "You better hurry up and put that ring on my finger, darling!" The infectious melody and relateable lyrics of this radio-friendly hit will instantly win fans over! HANDS ON YOU puts a confident spin to the popular adage, "What goes around comes around." Once again putting her gloriously versatility to use, Joey convinces us that she would DO IT (all) AGAIN for the man she loves. Don't let the illusory title of MAN OF MY DREAMS brainwash you into thinking that this song is one of those happily ever after love story. Seems things are quite the opposite thanks to an unexpected blow to the heart, dealt by the said man. This is a most ravishing, heartfelt ballad and one of my personal favorites! Ever wonder why three simple words (those being "I love you") are so hard to say? After all, IF YOU LOVE ME, you would tell me, right?! As the song expresses, sometimes that isn’t always so. Of the many inconceivable occurances of this world, it is comforting to know that "All things are possible, just BELIEVE"! The closing lament, WITHOUT YOU, comes complete with a crying fiddle. As you're listening, can't you just see a woman straddling a barstool as she pours out her story to the bartender?

Even if you're not yet familiar with the name "Joey Daniels," I bet her welcoming voice will be the key that lets her into your heart. I urge you to pick up numerous copies of Take Me Off the Market – you'll need one in your CD player at home, in your car, and a few to pass out to your friends! Once you catch a drift of her fresh country spin, I KNOW you will be asking for more!


Joey Daniels
Take Me Off the Market
Big 3 Nashville
Released September 13, 2005

Joey Daniels


1. Crazier Than Usual
2. Swinging Door
3. Kiss-n-Tell
4. I'll Be Your Whiskey
5. This Is Me Missing You
6. Miracle
7. Take Me Off the Market
8. Hands on You
9. Do It Again
10. Man Of My Dreams
11. If You Love Me
12. Believe
13. Without You

Reviewed by: Estella Pan

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