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STARific Review: Brad Martin - Wings of a Honky Tonk Angel

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Before he knew better, Brad Martin was singing away and writing songs! Now, this Nashville-newcomer is about to prove that very fact to the world. He offers us a 10-track variety pack, for which he also co-penned all but two of the tracks.

The opening track and Brad’s debut single, BEFORE I KNEW BETTER, is about taking huge risks, which kind of leads me to wonder – has Brad really tried to jump off rocky-ledges? Scary thought there; guess he lived to tell it all! Moving on, I just LOVE the melody of COMPLETELY! Before I could get over how gorgeous the ballad was, Brad follows with the raucous, kick-back-and-take-a-break tune, RUB ME THE RIGHT WAY. With ON THE WINGS OF A HONKY TONK ANGEL, the mood changes again; for three minutes, Brad takes us into a bar, all the while crying out his loneliness to all who will listen. While in RUN TO ME, Brad lends a supportive hand to a friend in need, in THE FIFTH, he reminisces about a love gone wrong. Then, he takes it easy again through JUST LIKE LOVE and tells us about finding his first true love. Fun times! There’s more love to talk about in THAT’S A WOMAN, a sweet tribute to "his woman." Picking up the pace, it’s back to the bar with DAMN THE WHISKEY. This time, though, Brad’s got a different purpose in mind. That’s right – he’s going to party all night long! Then, in the final track, he gets anxious for some action, but someone tells him he’s got to WAIT.

There’s something for everyone here – whether you’re into sweet love songs, energy-packed, uptempo tunes, bluesy ballads, or light-hearted, fun numbers, Brad Martin’s got it all in his debut effort. Country fans – be watching for him to come to your town; you’ll want to see this newcomer in action strutting his stuff on stage! In the meantime, drop by your local music store and pick up your copy of this album, or order it online by clicking on the CD cover to the right.


Brad Martin
Wings of a Honky Tonk Angel
Released June 18, 2002
Epic Nashville

Brad Martin


1. Before I Knew Better
2. Completely
3. Rub Me the Right Way
4. On the Wings of a Honky Tonk Angel
5. Run to Me
6. The Fifth
7. Just Like Love
8. That's a Woman
9. Damn the Whiskey
10. Wait

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